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Pregnancy Chiropractic at Drobbin Chiropractic & Wellness

Little girl with head on moms pregnant bellyWe all want our bodies to function at the highest level of wellness possible. During pregnancy, that becomes even more important. Chiropractic is safe, effective, gentle, all-natural healthcare for mom and baby.

Our experience is most pregnant women love to get adjusted. With extreme hormonal and weight changes, their bodies are under a tremendous amount of stress. This can create pain and discomfort, especially as the pregnancy progresses.

Why Do I Need Chiropractic Care?

Pregnancy puts a great deal of stress on the pelvis and body in general. The hormone, Relaxin, helps structures in the area to spread and change in preparation for delivery. These changes can increase pain; chiropractic can help reduce the pain and relax your muscles.

As mom progresses in her pregnancy, the curvature in her lower back increases. This is the cause of the low back and sciatic pain many women complain about. It’s important to continue to adjust that area to prevent misalignment.

At Drobbin Chiropractic & Wellness, we have a special table and pillows to provide the most comfort for mom.

We’re trained in the Webster technique; especially designed to adjust pregnant women. Helping you have the best experience possible is our goal.

No one wants a complicated delivery. It’s hard on mom and the baby. Our moms generally have shorter and easier labor and deliveries. Keeping the spine and pelvis in alignment is crucial at this time.

Some benefits of chiropractic care are:

Helps maintain good health throughout the pregnancy – when your body is in alignment and functioning properly, optimum wellness is possible.

Relieves back, neck and joint pain – carrying around the extra weight of the baby puts mom’s skeletal system under duress.

Breech Birth – Breech deliveries cause difficulties for both mom and baby. Chiropractic has developed a technique that helps baby move into optimal birth position.

The changes in your pelvis can make walking, sitting and sleeping uncomfortable. Add in the new stresses of picking up and carrying your baby and the loaded diaper bag that goes along it. No wonder you hurt!

It’s hard to enjoy your new baby if you’re in pain. While continuing to adjust to hormonal changes, we can help keep your spine healthy. This will allow your body to heal itself like it’s meant to.

Chiropractic care can help you make a smoother transition and get you back to feeling your best.

Patient Testimonials

  • Dr. Drobbin and staff is AMAZING. My OBGYN told me my baby was breech at 36 weeks and tried to pressure me into a c-section. I came here 3 times for the doctors to naturally adjust me and turn the baby IT WORKED. It was painless, and prevented me from having unnecessary surgery! He is the best at the Webster Technique, and I cannot thank him and his staff enough!
    -Samantha D.
  • I’ve been seeing chiropractors for years, I have never experienced what I did here at Drobbin Chiropractic & Wellness. Beyond knowledgeable of my issues before I even knew what they truly were. I feel like the doctor genuinely cares about helping and healing me. By far the best experience I’ve ever had. Felt like a new women walking out of the office. I’ve suffered from headaches, TMJ, back pain, neck pain and so much more for around 23 years. The instant relief I felt was unbelievable. I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant and they catered to my growing belly as well. As soon as I left the building and sat in my car I could just feel my headache drifting away. I highly recommend Drobbin Chiropractic & Wellness.
    -Lauren C.
  • Dr. Joe saved my life throughout my pregnancy. I had very bad sciatica radiating to both legs and could barely walk. He not only left me without pain but was able to function. Thanks again! Great atmosphere and the front desk staff are super friendly and nice !! Would highly recommend this office to any pregnant woman!
    -Lauren E.
  • My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Drobbin for years for regular chiropractor care. My husband has had pain in his knees from sports and Dr. Drobbin has helped him SO much. I am pregnant and my baby was breech. I went to Dr. Drobbin on a regular basis to do the Webster technique and my baby flipped and has remained heads down! I was scheduled to go to the hospital for a cephalic version where they try to manually flip the baby my pushing on my stomach, but through great chiropractic techniques Dr. Drobbin made sure my back and pelvis were in the optimal position to allow the baby to flip by its self. We love Dr. Drobbin!
    -Alexis M.
  • I can’t say enough about Doc Drobbin! He is awesome, his staff is awesome, and not only do I love them…but my children do as well. Doc Drobbin has been kept me feeling like my best self since 2005. Through my pregnancies and the births of my two children, car accidents, exercise related injuries and the daily grind; an adjustment by Doc Drobbin puts everything back in place and I’m ready to go. Fast, convenient, fun, and always interesting… Drobbin chiropractic is the best!
    -Erica R.
  • I began seeing Dr. Drobbin and Dr. Joe in my third month of pregnancy after being referred by a friend. Them and their team had made a personal plan for me and my growing baby. Now in my 7th month of pregnancy, the anticipated back pain and other common pregnancy symptoms have been controlled because of this wonderful staff. The hour drive it takes for me to get to the office from my home is worth the trip I make to get my once “out of wack” body straight and pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Drobbin and his staff, pregnant or not.
    -Kimberly P.

Pregnant mother and father

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